True Love

Topics: Love, Romeo and Juliet, Romance Pages: 2 (557 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare is the true idea of a beautiful and genuine love story that many present couples try to duplicate. It is a tragedy of love and affliction between two young individuals, whose deaths ultimately unites their feuding families. Three prime examples of their love is Romeo falling in love at first sight, Juliet the night after the wedding metering her feelings, and Lastly how they both share a romantic kiss with one another.

Love at first sight is very rare, it is meant to happen to those lovers who were truly meant to be tighter forever. When Romeo sees Juliet he is astonished by her jaw dropping beauty, creating love at first sight. At a wedding banquet Romeo hopes to talk and flirt with women until he forgets his ex-girlfriend, Rosaline. When he first laid eyes on Juliet he whispers to himself, “Did my heart love till? For swear it, Sight! For I have, never seen true beauty till this night” (Act I, Scene v, line 76). With his words Romeo shows that he forgets about his ex-lover and is in deep love with Juliet. Romeo shows his true love for Juliet with only his eyes, anxious to find out her feelings.

When Juliet spoke to herself aloud on the balcony, Romeo over hears her and soon realizes their feelings for each other is more than a crush. The day after they meet, Juliet is deeply in love with Romeo. She is upset because he belongs in the house of the Montague. When Juliet was speaking to herself aloud, hidden Romeo hears everything she says. Nevertheless, he hears something that really shocked him, as Juliet says in Act II, “Deny thy father and refuse thy name thou wilt not be but sworn my love and longer be called a Capulet” (Scene II, Line 100). As a result of their feuding families; Romeo and Juliet were forbidden to love each other. She mostly shows that her affection and feelings towards Romeo is more important than her family. Juliet, a defiant and brave girl, and Romeo, a very sleek. And kind boy, seal their love...
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