True Beauty

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True Beauty Lonny

Is beauty a splendid sunset when a person climbs a long way up a mountain peak and takes the first glimpse? Is beauty that moment when a person puts his toes into the sand, his face softly touched by the wind with its little salty flavor and the sun shining above his head? Is beauty a gorgeous girl that passes by, causing a man to not move his glued eyes from her back when she is already gone? Is beauty a luxurious sports car that a man fails to move his butt from the seat once his hand touches the steering wheel? Is beauty the cutest cat moaning and stroking your leg when you have PJs on in bed? Is beauty an armless soldier coming back from the battlefield, after pushing away his friend at the moment when a missile was falling to the ground?

Do you think the African children who have been suffering from starvation since the day they were born have the same standard as we have for estimating what beauty is? It is more likely that, rather than a charming body; a bowl of cooked rice with meat would describe beauty in their eyes.

The question is what is beauty? Is beauty in the eyes of the beholder? It seems funny when people look back in time and see how people dressed, because beauty changes with time just like everything else. True beauty cannot be represented by a plain person spending his life savings to go through a painful briar patch of body modifications. He hopes he is achieving a perfectly sexy body that he believes will be physically attractive when judged by the standards that we have been brainwashed to believe by all the media today. The common concept of beauty is a perception evolutionally determined by the perspective given according to the era and the area people live in and the standards they believe.

Curiously, is there a kind of beauty that all humanity agrees on, which is beyond life and death, evil and justice, gender and color that is not changed by time? Yes, there is! It came...
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