Truck Art

Topics: Art, Media, Aesthetics Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: March 10, 2012

Truck art is a flourishing masterpiece of Pakistani culture. It is about cultural history and tradition story telling and passion. Truck art has been present in Pakistan's heritage for age . Today, this artistic media has reached it's culmination point with it's vibrant colours and craftmanship. As such every little adornment on a trucks has a special significance. As we know that our country is divided into different teritories so why not spread a message of a sovereign and united country with the theme pakistan on wheels. Each territory has it's distinct lifestyle. The culture and heritage of each province of Pakistan should be painted with intricate motifs and vibrant colours. Art motifs of such birds, fish and flower which depicts each province should be illustrated. Other than this famous scenic beauties like dyllic, bucolic scenes of streams, mountains or forest should be painted to embody each territory. The metal base of the truck always seem to make the multi-coloured truck transformed into a weak tea. So it could be covered with reflected stickers, scintillating tapes and further highlighted with mirrors and studs. For the finishing touches the intricately patterned crown carved in cedarwood should be placed at the top of the bus. This artistry employs a huge number of skilled labourers thus boosting the economy of the country. This artistic media is no more confined to Pakistan only but has spread it's splendor across borders and has become a tourism symbol of Pakistan.Thus we should make an effort to keep this culture of ours living.

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