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News item 11
Volcanic eruptions
There is increased danger of fresh mudflows from mount Araramo according to the latest reports from Anturia. Eruptions reached the height of 2.5 miles yesterday as the volcano entered its 11th week of violent activity, despite the volcanologists’ predictions that it was subsiding. Mount Araramo dormant for three centuries erupted for the first time this year on June the 9th with the strength of 20 megaton hydrogen bomb, that upheavals sent rocks and plumes of hot ash 12 miles into the air. Large amounts of lava have already been released and molten rock is continually oozing out of cracks in the ground. Large pieces of floating pumice were found on the surface of the ocean 150 miles South of mount Araramo, indicating a simultaneous underwater explosion. Thousands of trees snapped like twigs seconds after the initial blast. Superheated gases melted ice and snow on the upper parts of the mountain which resulted in an avalanche of boiling water and mud. Dust reached as far as four thousand miles lengthening in the glow of sunset by almost two hours. Massive amounts of CO2 released into the atmosphere are believed to be added substantially to the greenhouse effect already threatening our planet. One hundred people are said to be perished in various volcano related incidents. Someone was killed by poisonous gases, others were buried alive by 12 feet of volcanic ash or hit by falling rocks. 40 thousand villagers have already fled the area as heavy rains threatened to send more mud and debris further down the mountain slopes. Several hundred cattle were killed and a hundred thousand acres of crops destroyed. The damage is estimated to be an excess of 200 million anturian dollars. The world experiences an average of thirty major eruptions each year from more than 600 active volcanos. Others though believed to be extinct because of centuries of dormancy may only be waiting to thunder back to life. Извержения вулканов

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