Topics: Nativity of Jesus, Christmas Eve, El Salvador Pages: 1 (257 words) Published: February 28, 2013
In El Salvador Christmas is known as Feliz Navidad (translation for Christmas). In Salvador Christmas starts just after it strikes midnight on Christmas Eve. Family is a lot to the people who live in Salvador. Most of them gather then and they take it as a perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends and family.

People who live at Salvador take Christmas very seriously especially the decorations. If you were to visit Salvador you might find a lot of lights and decorations posted everywhere around the town like polka dots on a shirt. Some of them even start decorating in the mid November to get everything just right. The key thing to their decorations is the nativity scene. They put all the christen people and leave Jesus out until Christmas Eve rolls in. Jesus is usually the last touch to their scene on Christmas to finish up their tradition. Some families may enjoy a more American style Christmas dinner with turkey and/or ham, while the others families would have a meal that consists of Salvadoran-style tamales.

The thing they do last to finish off the holiday would to display fireworks. Almost everyone likes fireworks especially Salvador people. Some families will chat until morning then exchange gifts. Some religious families will go to mass at midnight. Their Feliz Navidad is anything but normal

The people of Salvador are very religious and Feliz Navidad is like their day of bonding with their gods which is what their culture and traditions are formed from.
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