Triple Alliance

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  • Published : March 14, 2013
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Triple Alliance (1882)
The Triple Alliance was the military alliance between Germany, Austria–Hungary, and Italy, (as opposing the Triple Entente which consisted of an alliance between Britain, France and Russia), that lasted from 1882[1] until the start of World War I in 1914.[2] Each member promised mutual support in the event of an attack by any other great powers, or for Germany and Italy, an attack by France alone. In a supplementary declaration, Italy specified that its undertakings could not be regarded as being directed against Great Britain. Shortly after renewing the Alliance in June 1902, Italy secretly extended a similar guarantee to France.[1] By a particular agreement, neither Austria–Hungary nor Italy would change the Status quo in Balkan area without a previous consultation.[3] When Austria–Hungary found themselves at war in August 1914 with the rival Triple Entente (Britain, France, and the latter's ally, Russia), Italy pledged to support the Central Powers: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and later the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). However, because Germany and Austria–Hungary had taken the offensive while the Triple Alliance was supposed to have been a defensive alliance, Italy did not enter into the war. Later on, Italy entered the conflict on the side of the Entente against Austria–Hungary in May 1915[2] and Germany in August 1916. -------------------------------------------------

The chancellor of Germany and the man responsible for the Triple Alliance was Otto von Bismarck. Bismarck wanted to prevent a two - front war, which is why he targeted these two countries specifically. -------------------------------------------------

By the late 1870s, Austrian ambitions in both Italy and Germany had been choked off by the rise of new national powers. With the decline and failed reforms of the Ottoman Empire, Slavic opposition in the occupied Balkans grew and both Russia and...
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