Trip to the Graveyard

Topics: Cemetery, The Graveyard Book, Churchyard Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: November 13, 2010
Sadiah Aziz
Trip to the graveyard

In the misty chilling atmosphere the silence in the darkness of the night forced a shiver up my spine. Shutting my eyes as the ground shook rapidly feeling as if an earthquake was happening. But as I looked down a mysterious hand was forcing out the ground grasping for my leg. A mixture of feelings were frantically spinning around in my head like a volcano that was about to erupt.

As the moon led the way, I suddenly caught a glimpse of a menacing grave stone with my name engraved in it. I was in shock, trembling in fear! I Couldn’t believe what I was seeing ... minutes ticked by, when the letters gradually faded into thin air, and I was surrounded by smoke!

In the light of a full moon, I glanced back noticing a silhouette of sinister dim bats that flew over. In the corner of my eye I spotted Stacey I felt a sense of relief! “STACEY, HELP!” I wailed. I kept repeating myself until I got her attention. Stacey is my best friend, we came to check out mansion together, but she vanished! “Stay there I am coming,” she demanded, she leapt towards me. “Take my hand” she whispered.

Stacey put out one hand, signalling me to grab hold so she can pull me off from the stubborn hand. Eventually, I was free, but Stacey dashed headed for the murky mansion, as I was staggering across the graveyards in agony trying to catch up.

“Wait up! I yelled, “Where are you?” but there was no respond. Whilst, I was limping through the dark corridor leading to the filthy room, I spotted a shadow praying it was Stacey. Anxiously, following the shadow into the gloomy cell, I felt a chocking feeling sent up my throat! Tiptoeing into the chamber, the door slam shut behind me!
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