Trinity and Columbus

Topics: Christopher Columbus, Americas, Trinity Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: September 24, 2012
1. Before reading the chapter: write down all that you think you know about Columbus, including myth as well as reality, you should have at least 5. 1. Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in italy. He went on a quest to find a new route to Asia. When he found America, he named the area the Indies, that’s also the reason he called the natives Indians. A common myth about Columbus is that he set out prove the world was flat, when he already believed it was round in the first place.

a. After reading the chapter: write down passages in the text that either support or contradict each item generated by the list above, then identify those events and actions discusses in the text that has not been part of your thinking about Columbus originally.

a. Really the only part that I found to support my prior knowledge was that he called this new land the Indies and the people it Indians, he explains this in the excerpt from his log, from when he first meets these people. I gained much new knowledge from this reading though. Before, all I had was the basic knowledge about Columbus that everyone knows rom elementary school, I had no idea he had interest in slaves or spreading his faith.

2: Finish the statement using detail/facts in the text:
a:  The purpose of Columbus’s voyages... was to find a shorter route to India, this was so they wouldn’t have to exchange with Italian and Muslims. Therefor trade would be cheaper. b:  The result of Columbus’s voyage was...Columbus stumbling across the uncharted lands of the Americas. He did not know that another entire continent was in the way between Spain and India. But instead of finding a new route and gold, he found a new race.

3. Write down the five most important things Zinn says about Columbus (including page numbers) write down the two most important things he says about writing history.
a. One of the most important things I read in the passage was when Zinn wrote about Columbus claiming the reward, I found that...
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