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Doctrine of the Trinity

This apparent paradox does not mean that there are “three gods in one” but that one God exists as three distinct persons who are coequal, coinfinite, and coeternal, all possessing the same essential nature. Each member of the Godhead-God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is therefore a separate person, individually possessing identical, eternal attributes. God is one in essence, but three in persons. Each person of the Godhead has a specific purpose related to the eternal will and plan of God. The Scriptures ascribe distinct roles to each Person that are not jointly shared by the other members of the Trinity. The Father is the author and planner, the source of all things. The Son is the agent whom the Father’s plan is enacted. The Holy Spirit is the revealer and empowers the plan in our lives.

-The unity of the Trinity is defined as the tree persons having one divine essence. -Essence is the essential being or nature of a person, what that person is. -Each member of the Godhead is a joint partaker of the same essence, the same majesty, and the same eternal glory. -Attributes are those intrinsic qualities which compose the essence of a person. Each person of the Godhead has identical and identifiable attributes. No one attribute overrides the other.

How can one God exist in three persons?

-One God exists in three distinct personalities.
-The three divine personalities are not the same as three separate human personalities. -The Father is the architect of the plan, The Son is the executor of the plan, the Holy Spirit is the revealer. -The Father is not seen or felt, The Son is both seen and felt, The Holy Spirit is felt not seen. -The Holy Spirit was the agent who helped sustain Christ throughout his life and does the same for us too as believers. -The Holy Spirit is the unseen power of God. He reveals the plan of God on earth and is the agent for executing the Christian way of life. -To keep humanity from...
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