Topics: Trigger, Sense, The Trigger Pages: 4 (1101 words) Published: December 11, 2012
Hell9, child. I have c9me t9 teach y9u the true meaning of triggers. Honestly, please d9 n9t feel in debt. It w9uld 6e my pleasure t9 educate y9u 9n the su6ject, as well as enlighten y9u 9n the answers t9 any 9ther questi9ns y9u might have afterwards. After all, it is 9f a significant imp9rtance that y9u as well as any9ne else wh9 6e unaware s9 that we may pr9perly tag 9ur 6l9gging and av9id triggering any9ne. Which, t9 6egin with, can 6e defined n9w as anything that up9n message 6rings 6ack unpleasant mem9ries, flash6acks, th9ughts 9r em9ti9ns 9f s9me 9riginal pain 9r trauma.

9ftentimes, h9wever, pe9ple may menti9n their triggers as m9re s9mething that any type 9f individual 9r gr9up says 9r presents that c9uld stimulate feelings, within min9rities s9cially speaking 9r 9therwise, 9f 9ffense, threat, misunderstanding 9r disregarded as anything less than 9thers. [TW: Bl99d c9l9ur prejudice] The hem9spectrum is a g99d example 9f this. Alth9ugh s9me9ne may n9t have had any particular experiences with 6eing excluded fr9m 9ther s9cial gr9ups because 9f their identificati9n in bl99d caste, the t9pic may 6e unkn9wn t9 them that they d9 n9t want t9 hear it and s9 y9u sh9uld always tag in full 9pen-mindedness.

It sh9uld 6e n9ted h9wever, y9ung 9ne, that triggers are indeed very pers9nal things. Just as I menti9ned bef9re with their similarity t9 allergies, n9t every9ne is triggered 6y the same thing and n9t every9ne reacts in the same way even if they share a c9mm9n trigger (in reference t9 the difference 6etween anaphylactic and 9ther reacti9ns such as hives).

The difference 6etween the tw9, see, is that triggers are far less tangi6le in the sense that it can 6e n9t 9nly m9re difficult t9 find the stimuli f9r the trigger 6ut als9 the reacti9n itself (n9t t9 6e in anyway degrading t9 either, as they are 69th rec9gnisa6le f9r the real pain and difficulty that they have the p9tential t9 cause). This is why it is 9f utm9st imp9rtance t9 understand h9w triggers...
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