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  • Published : February 21, 2013
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Ananya Hans
Trigonometry Essay

During the fall term I took the class Trigonometry with Mrs. Rudolph. Overall, the class wasn’t that hard and I understood the content however, because of my lack of time management and procrastination I failed the class. As a remediation for the final, I have been given the opportunity to pass the class with an independent study. For this independent study I will have to write a 6-page paper that includes the mistakes I made and the lessons I have learned. It will also include the assignments I missed, the lack of my time management, and the goals I have set for myself in the future. My final grade in Trigonometry for the Fall Term was a 61%. I do not believe this score truly represents my ability. I believe this because I procrastinated and clowned around a lot of the time. For example: I would wait until the day before the test to start studying, I later on learned that this tool is not made for success. Another example: I would joke around with my classmates all the time even when they were trying to work, then I realized this tool is not a good tool for success. There are many assignments that I failed to complete; Assistment: Probability & Data Analysis Review, Assistment: Unit 1 LT1, Wendy’s Letter, Assistment: Trig Unit 2: LT1, Assistment Unit 2 Quiz, Assistment: Unit 2 LT9 HW, Assistment: Unit 3 LT4 HW, Assistment: Unit 4 Pre Assessment, Parent Signed Grade Report, Unit 4 LT1 LT2 LT3 Notes, Assistment: Reviewing Units 1-3, Part 1 Turned In On Time, Design Challenge - Part 1, Design Challenge - Part 2, Part 2 Turned In On Time, Assistment: Unit 4 Pretest, Unit 4 Pretest Corrections, and Final Assistment HW: Semester Reflection. Along with incompletions I also had many non-masteries; Unit 1: LT1 - LT4 Quiz, Unit 2 Test, Assistment: Unit 3 Review Quiz, Unit 3 Test, Unit 3 Mastery Project, Unit 5 LT1 Quiz 1, Unit Circle Quiz, Unit 5 Calculator Test, Unit 5 No Calculator Test, Unit 6 Test, Final Exam Review Presentation, Final Exam. Though a lot of my assignments were unmastered and even more of my assignments were not completed, I vow not to repeat the mistakes I have made before. Time management was a very large factor and had a great effect on my chance to earn mastery during last semester. I did procrastinate fixing many of my assignments that could have been fixed much more eloquently and timely than they were. I am going to manage my time over J Term by spreading work out and getting it done piece-by-piece daily. Time management was perhaps the biggest issue I had. Instead of working a little bit on an assignment everyday until it is due, i would tend to put off everything until the end. It ended up becoming extremely stressful so the quality of my work is damaged. However, I learned that timing my work out over time would make it easier for me on the end and will also make the assignment easier. A good idea for time management is to set up goals for the assignment that I must complete by a certain time. Then the assignment will get done on time and it won’t seem like too much work. If given the opportunity for an Independent study I promise not to disappoint in my time management.

As I goofed of in class and talked to my friends I realized that not only was I hurting myself by not learning but also hurting my peers from distracting them from doing their work. Also, when I goofed off and the teacher constantly had to interrupt class to stop me and it took time away for the other students to learn. Along with being a distraction to the class I would also constantly leave to go to the bathroom. Lastly while in class I would text my friend across the room thus distracting them. Honestly, I was not very engaged in class instead my laptop would distract me. I have now learned that these tactics I used in class were the wrong choice, not only for me but for my classmates and teacher as well. I feel that all in all I could have been much more engaged in class. I...
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