Trifecta Scandal

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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A Trifecta Scandal|
Arthur Waldon|
Charter College|

Conspiracy to steal more than a quarter billion dollars from insurance companies. The plot involved 10 doctors, 9 separate clinics in New York and 105 different corporations, and all in service in a health care fraud ring. It all stems from Russian-speaking immigrant population, to who grew up in a communist society that bred despite for the rules and a willingness to cheat around them. Come to find out this scheme is the largest single no-fault insurance fraud case our nation has ever seen.|

Mikhail Zemlyansky, the alleged mastermind behind the scam. After being picked up threw the spotlight on how the immigrants from the former Soviet Union have often taken control over such schemes in New York City. The scam sought out reimbursements for so many unwarranted and unnecessary medical treatments that the people involved had to set up 3 different facilities to which they processed the billing and paperwork for the scam. The case centered its claims on the New York State’s no-fault insurance law, which states that anybody in the vehicle at the time of the accident registered to New York, could collect benefits up to 50,000.00 per person for injuries they occurred in accident, regardless of fault. There were a total number of people arrested at an irrational number of 36. They’re pending charges are as follows; racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud, and conspiracy to commit health care fraud. They had opened 9 separate clinics in the Brighton Beach district of New York City, which has the highest rates for health care fraud in the nation.

Federal Law-enforcement officials say they have seen multiple groups of these scam artists transfer their attention from stock schemes, all the way to mortgage and health care fraud within the last decade. The most recent one of the 3, health care, has been in on going issue for the last 5 years. Which they have been being...
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