Triangle Strategy

Topics: Strategic management, Vertical integration, Rate of return Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Information Systems Strategy Triangle

Business Strategy ElementsOrganizational Strategy ElementsInformation Strategy Elements Increase business in tune with competitionStrategic partnershipsImplementation of a new O.S To link customer demand to production and manufacturing to distributionFocused differentiation strategyRedundancy in operations Meet customer demand through product varietyDecentralized decision makingMinimal investment and maximum returns in I.T Vertical integration of operations

Fast response to changing environment

Impacts between the elements: Increase in the business in lieu of the competition in the market may be influenced by offering a variety of products that are customized and differentiated on the basis of the customer needs. When customer demand is linked to production and that to manufacturing and distribution, repetitive operations may be avoided. Integration of operations on a vertical manner may reduce operation redundancy and correspondingly the investment in I.T is reduced thereby increasing returns on investment. When quick responses are to be made to varying customer preferences, decentralized decision making policies help in faster implementation and quicker business. Industry Strategy ElementsIndustry Organizational Strategy ElementsIndustry Strategy Elements Recognition of local designersGovernment SupportSupport from corporations and associations Awareness of international fashion brandsIncreasing Demand for luxury fashion apparel

Similarities and differences: The fashion industry recognizes local designers for producing the major fashion apparels which is different from the case of Zara that operates on a global level. However the industry is aware of the major players around the globe of which Zara is one. The industry is government aided while Zara is privately funded. Many of the organizations in the fashion industry are also supported through corporations and associations...
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