Treaty of Versalliers

Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Adolf Hitler, Europe Pages: 2 (406 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Reject The Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was meant to ease tension over WWI but in my opinion it could have been responsible for starting WWII. I think the United States should have rejected the Treaty of Versailles, considering that the Big Four (US, Great Britain, France, Italy) had the most to gain and it created much animosity for the rest of the European nations.

The Big Four made all the decisions regarding the Treaty, leaving other countries such as Germany and Russia with smaller territories. Also, it require Germany to pay $33 billion in reparations angering the Germans which created hostile feelings towards the US and the other European nation by the Germans. As a result these hostile feelings, Adolph Hitler was easily able to come in power.

Self -interest by other European countries also weakened Wilson’s plan. The French Prime Minister wanted punishment of Germany by insisting the German army be downsized by 100,00 soilders. The British Prime Minister insisted on a war-guilt clause in the Treaty which forced Germany to accept the responsibility for starting the war. French and Great Britian wanted to punish Germany, I belive it weakend the Treaty and angerd the Germans.

The viewpoint to ratify the Treaty because it would create a safer more peaceful Europe(point1) has good intentions; however, without the input of all nations affected , you will most certainly have distrust from other nations who don’t have a “seat at the table”. They needed to be included in the decision making in order to feel empowerd about their future. The Creation of “a genral association of nations”(point 14), while also a noble cause, dosen’t work if all nations are not members. You would have only some nations following the rules which allows the nations that aren’t part of the League of Nations to stockpile weapons and invade other countries, which is what started WWI in the first place. Every country has to be a member in order for it to work....
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