Travel with Me and Jean

Topics: San Francisco, Suspension bridge, Seaside resort Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: December 11, 2012

How you ever had adventure on your dreams? Do you dream about nightmares or adventures? I’m Gio and this is my best pal Jean always with me – we do everything together in my dreams. We are always going somewhere together, that’s probably why you will usually see us from behind. We love to travel, even if it is usually in our Dreams! The good thing about dreaming is that you can go places that may not even actually exist, like… The Music Float- one of my favorite places to make Music, The seaside concert- with some very wild musicians Jean and I even took flying lessons, in our dreams, so we could see even more unique places and things, like… One of those famous flying pigs. Now we know how he does it, The stratosphere, where we saw sites that most don’t know exist. Of course, dreams can sometimes be a little scary and uncomfortable, like… A visit to a home in Earthquake country can be very scary only having the though that the earth is shaking and everything is moving it make Jean and I be really scared, in that moment we decide to move to a different way, A trip through the jungle on Halloween it was more scary then the one with the earthquake, my legs were shaking and about to run and scream, the owls were looking at us, like trying to tell us that something might be chasing us, maybe a tiger or a big snake everything can happen in our dreams , the sound of the jungle was getting louder in every step we took , It might be all in your head, Jean say, no is not the threes are looking at us and we better run away!!. I wish i could go somewhere else but is a dream and it can be very traumatic. The sound of the creature that the jungle might hide from us was getting louder and louder we might go to another place, maybe if we think about it, i said.

We sometimes just dream our way to unlikely places, to see unlikely sites, like… Those giant Bears fishing for salmon in their...
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