Transformers Essay

Topics: Transformers, Good and evil, Galvatron Pages: 3 (1209 words) Published: May 24, 2013
Good versus evil is inevitable and as bystanders we almost always want to watch the "good guys" win. We choose our sides from what we've seen or heard and use our judgment to determine who is good or evil and who we wish to see conquer the other. The feature film Transformers, directed by Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg in 2007 is a science fiction, action film that copes with the aspects of good and evil through the Autobots and humans who fight for survival and power against the devious Decepticons . The film presents the Autobots to me as respectful and virtuous characters that believe in harmony and peace. The Autobots ally themselves with the humans of Earth, more specifically the U.S.A military along with everyday teenagers Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Bane and these characters are represented as heroic and just. On the other hand the Decepticons are symbolic of terrorist groups that have attempted to assault the United States of America in past times ,therefore are the embodiment of evil in the film. The obvious difference between the good and evil characters allows me to easily identify who I should look positively on and who I believe should be defeated.  

The Autobots and in particular their leader Optimus Prime are presented to me as good characters. As a whole they Autobots value human life and are constantly risking their lives for the people of Earth .Bay presents Optimus as a loyal, strong character through out the film. By various filmic codes it is easy to understand why Optimus is the right choice for the leader of the "good side". Firstly, the audio codes related to Optimus present him as a respectful and powerful leader. The computer generated voice leads me to view Optimus very positively as his noble personality can be presented better. Near the end of the film Optimus says "Sam, I owe you my life, we are in your debt", this quote from the film shows Optimus has respect for humans and thinks of us as equals. another...
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