Transformational Leadership

Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 4 (1528 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Transformational Leadership Team Paper
Soloman DeFrancis, Sonia DeHay, Jezelle Fullwood, and Regina Tillman Brandman University

Definition of Transformational Leadership
Organizations continually undergo various changes and as each new practice is introduced, leaders have attempted multiple ways to go about implementing change. However, research indicates that transformational change is the most difficult yet effective way to sustain growth and progress. This type of change must take place when the organization shows signs of needing to break through barriers and address an immediate problem. The leader must recognize the “wake-up calls” when necessary and tactfully address the concern. The outcome enables the leader and employees to pursue new opportunities and sustain the change over time. According to Anderson & Ackerman Anderson (2010), “Transformation is a radical shift of strategy, structure, systems, processes, or technology, so significant that it requires a shift of culture, behavior, and mindset to implement successfully and sustain over time” (p. 60) A Transformational Leader should have the ability to motivate others as well as improve morale and performance of employees within an organization. The leader must connect to personal self- identity and mindset as well as those of whom they employ and be willing to be a model for behavior they would like practiced. In addition to the five principles of leadership that will be later discussed, Bass & Riggio (2006) explain that in order to be an effective transformational leader, four elements are to be present: 1. Individualized Consideration – the leader attends followers’ needs, acts as a mentor or coach to the follower and listens to the follower's concerns and needs. The leader gives support, keeps communication open and offers challenges. 2. Intellectual Stimulation – the leader challenges assumptions, takes risks and solicits followers'...
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