Trance Music

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Trance music originates from Germany and is extremely popular in most European countries. It originally started in the 1980‘s and has grown through out the years. Germany is considered as the birth place of trance and once a year celebrates the love parade festival in honour of one of the first original trance songs what time is love.

Original composer
In the early 1980’s Klaus Schulze a, composer from Germany, was one of the first people to experiment with trance music. This was considered as space music to most people but later developed into trance. In two of his first albums he uses the word trance. One in the album Trancefer and the other in a album called trance this is were trance partly gets it name and because the music is so good that at parties it puts people in a trance 9 as in they don’t wont to stop dancing ). Many other pioneers of trance include Jam el Mar, Oliever Lieb and Sven Vath .

Popularity of Trance
Trance is considered as one of the most dominant genres of dance music and is a combination of ambient, techno and house music. Huge parties across Europe are held including the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine and many other countries.

Trance production
Trance music is a build up of 4 to 8 layers of music. DJ’s blend the music together which is called mixing or beat matching (It is important that a DJ doesn’t get a clash of beats of notes when doing this). A song is usually 4 beats to a bar and is faster than house music but slower than rave music. Trance traditionally used classical music as its base and then remixed it into a modern style. Today Dj’s mix modern songs and add a series of beats and tunes.
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