Trampolining Officials

Topics: SEPTA Regional Rail, Competition, Scores Pages: 2 (535 words) Published: March 27, 2012
Unit 6 Practical Sport
Task 4

Roles and Responsibilities of Officials in Trampolining

Two main officials in trampolining are the Form judges and the Tariff judges. There are 5 Form judges and 2 Tariff judges. Form Judges score the routine and Tariff Judges confirm that the elements of a set routine are performed as required. For a voluntary routine they will work out the difficulty of each move and then give a score for the routine which will be added to the form score. Other officials are a superior judge and 2 recorders; Superior judge checks your name and indicates when you can start your routine. They also decide on deductions for landing on parts of the body other than feet at the end of a routine. The recorders collate scores from the judges and enter them on a computer. In addition to the judging crew, each panel will have a competition marshall who ensures competitors get their warm-ups and compete in the correct order.

Appearance (R2)
The officials would wear suits, except the marshal who would wear a tracksuit.

Equipment (R3)
They need a pen/pencil, paper and a scorecard to complete their role. They might also need a rule book and a laptop.

Fitness requirements (R4)
They don’t have to be physically fit but they cannot have a bad back because they have to sit up for hours when at a competition.

Qualifications (R5)
You have to be 15 or above do be a judge.
The different levels are:
* British Gymnastics Club Judge Award
* British Gymnastics County Judge Award
* British Gymnastics Regional Judge Award
* British Gymnastics Zonal Judge Award
* British Gymnastics National Judge Award
* British Gymnastics Brevet Judge Award
They do need to know the rules and the scoring system.
Control of players (R6)
The superior judge who checks your name and tells you when you can start your routine and the marshal who makes sure you do your warm up properly and compete in the right order are in...
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