Training Day

Topics: English-language films, Good and evil, Evil Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: February 4, 2011
Training Day

Even though extreme, Training Day shows its audience a real life scenario of the power of temptation and the terror that is happening everyday in many of our inner cities. This film attempts to open our eyes to the idea that no one is immune to corruption, not even our police. Training Day is a thought provoking film that addresses the issues of corruption and violence that many people face everyday in our society and makes us face the fact that there is a darker side of the law and even good people can turn bad. This film does an extraordinary job of portraying good and evil in a modern day city where police officers are faced with choosing between their integrity or greed and power in a drug filled and corrupt society. Although raw and extreme, the storyline of this film was strong and passionate when telling the story of the struggles that the two officers faced with each other while getting through the training day. Training Day is another film that reminds all of us that violence, greed, and power are very important to many in our society today and some will do whatever it takes to gain them. I found myself wondering how many people truly identify with the villain in this movie, who seemed to struggle with and teeter between wanting to be good and the intrigue of the power he possessed when doing wrong. As always, when all had been said and done the good prevailed in this film and the bad paid for their wrong doings. Overall, Training Day proved to send a powerful message and gave us a small glimpse of what is truly happening in our society, the effect that the epidemic of drugs and violence are having in our cities and the corruption that is happening among our most trusted police officers. I found myself emotionally moved by this film because of the realization it offers to the audience. The honesty it possesses in telling a ugly but true scenario that so many of our police officers face and have to chose between from day to day.
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