Tragedy of Julius Caesar Act 1 Study Guide

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 4 (1455 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Tragedy of Julius Caesar Act I Study Guide
John Shaw

Act I Important Lines in the Play:

1.1.37-39: A tribune is speaking to the commoners saying that they are lazy, stupid, and useless because they do not know about what happened to Pompey (Caesar killed Pompey but it was not shown in the play). They also say this because the commoners are not working and instead celebrating Caesar’s rule, making the tribunes angrier because the tribunes favor Pompey’s rule.

1.1.50-54: The tribune is telling everyone to get out of the streets so that when Caesar comes back in the celebration of the Feast of Lupercal, no one would be there to praise Caesar’s rule, lowering his sense of importance in Rome, as so the tribunes think.

1.2.18: A fortuneteller tells Caesar to beware the Ides of March because he knows that something bad will happen on that day in the future, even though he doesn’t specifically tell what the bad thing is. Caesar does not believe him because he thinks it is nonsense.

1.2.88-89: Brutus tells Cassius that even though he does not believe in Caesar’s ambitions and laws, he is still loyal to him and he loves being loyal more than the fear of death, meaning that he is loyal to Caesar more than him not being loyal but is wanted to get killed in society.

1.2.135-41: Cassius is telling Brutus that he protests how Caesar treats his people, saying that the people who do not hold Caesars loyalty die dishonorably like slaves working for Caesar. The he says that it is their own faults that they end up like slaves.

1.2.192-95: Caesar talks to Antony but only so Antony can hear him, saying that the people who are fat and healthy are the honorable and loyal people and points to Cassius as a lean and hungry man, saying that the people who are like Cassius are dangerous.

1.2.280-83: Casca responds to Cassius’s question by saying that Caesar punished Murellus and Flavius for taking the scarves off the statues of Caesar,...
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