Traditions of Tatarstan

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Family relations of the Tatars developed in a complex way. Family based on old principles, with some elements of woman's seclusion, traditionally dominated. The wedding and birth of a child were the most significant family events. The wedding through courtship was most widespread. The choice of a bride was made by groom's parents, then the matchmaker was sent. After the agreements, bride's relatives began to prepare for the wedding. A day before the wedding, groom's parents sent ransom and gifts to the bride. During the wedding and at the wedding dinner, bridegrooms were absent, represented by their fathers.

The birth of a child was a joyful event. Tatar enlightener and historian Kayum Nasyri describes this custom as follows: When all guests arrive, the child is brought on a pillow to the mullah. He asks the parents how to name the child. The mullah prays, then repeats three times: "Let your precious name be ...". Each visitor is given honey and oil. Being treated, he puts as much money on a tray, as he can". In some families, the wedding ceremonies - ransom for the bride (kalym), bride's dowry (birne), religious ceremony of wedding (nikah) and others -remain bright and interesting to our days. Ceremonies and holidays express the emotional and aesthetic life of the people. Celebratory culture of the Tatars traditionally included both religious (Kurban-bairam, Uraza-bairam, Ramadan) and secular holidays celebrated in a certain season.

The calendar cycle of national holidays and ceremonies of the Tatar people begins with Nauruz celebrated on the day of the spring. It symbolizes updating Nauruz was followed by the time of spring sowing - the most beautiful season, when the Sabantui festival was arranged. Its history is as old as our people. The earliest evidences of Sabantui are dated of 921. Preparation to the holiday started two weeks in advance. Sabantui is traditionally celebrated. Sabantuy is one of the most ancient national holidays. It is celebrated in...
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