Traditional Marrige in Nigeria

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Tying the popular and indispensable gele or headdress can be very tricky or at most quite frustrating. A not so good headdress could make the day’s event a miserable one, as you are constantly seen excusing yourself to the ladies room to fix it. As part of your traditional wedding regalia, you cannot afford to make a little mistake in getting the best style of the pack on your wedding day. Your gele should be tied well in advance like a day or two days before the wedding and not on the wedding day. This would help you choose the best fit and style that suits your face the most. If you know you do not have a friend or family member who is superb in tying gele then you can go to your local market like Tediosho or Lagos market to get it done for a little fee. Except of course if your if your budget includes the paying of a professional then it can be done that same day of the wedding. The headdress should be kept in a place safe from everyone and covered. Whatever the color, wear it big and wear it proud because your wedding day is the only day you can wow everybody with that headdress!

In Nigeria, there are 3 types of weddings: Traditional, Church (white) and Court weddings. Of the 3, the first 2 are the most observed types of weddings. Court weddings are usually observed for legal reasons. In Nigeria, the traditional wedding is the wedding that was celebrated and observed before the arrival of the Europeans. It was and still is observed in the village setting so that all the members of the community can celebrate with the couple and their respective families. With respect to traditional weddings, there is no dating as is known in the Western cultures. Of course, there might be dating behind the scenes but officially, it is not observed. When a man is interested in a woman, he lets his family know. The family will then carry out an “investigation” of the woman and her family (who the...
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