Topics: Gender, Developed country, Cyprus Pages: 1 (357 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Kristen Wenzel, author of “Tradition” and director of women studies at the College of New Rochelle analyzes the influences tradition has had on societies. She discusses the relationship between malnutrition, hunger and tradition. Gender dividers, between both men and women are placed and have been put in effect. With this, the social dividers have encouraged incentives for societies to manufacture and distribute food.

The article, Tradition, suggest the inclusion and exclusion of elements in a traditional diet. Some examples in the passage of how tradition is prevalent in societies consist of growing, harvesting and consuming food. In relation to the issues of starvation, there are many positive and negative impacts of tradition. Social dividers come into conclusion when women are considered to be of less value than men. It is essential to ensure that food be given to the ones who need it most, but it depends on one’s socio-economic class. Without consideration to females, males are put above females due to the customs developed in cultures throughout tradition. In countries concerned with malnutrition, women have ben raised and are required to give a man everything he needs such as preparing luxurious meals for the men, before feeding themselves. Women have been taught to provide for males and to expect nothing in return.

The innovation of technology over the past decade or so has changed culture and tradition. There are two ways to look at it. Has technology provided the undeveloped countries benefits to society or has it created negativity? The answer to that question would merely be that, it varies from undeveloped to developed countries. Technology does not have the same effect on undeveloped and developed countries as it does on 3rd world countries. Without education on how to use the technology given, there’s no purpose to technology within undeveloped areas. Technology has advanced the world in numerous ways, and it can only continue to further us...
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