Trading a Canadian Way of Life

Topics: International trade, Trade, Canada Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Trading a Canadian Way of Life
Name Damian Rivera
Date March 1,2013

In this essay we will see how trade has effected the location I have selected in the last assignment this location as you recall is Pierrefonds, Quebec. We will look at the positives and or negatives that trade has had on this location and if anything could be changed to improve this situation.

How does trade effect Pierrefonds, Quebec this is a very good question and if you asked any one person they would say trade has no effect what so ever because Pierrefonds is developed area that really does not produce anything to trade. This is the obvious answer but I took the challenge to try and find a type of effect that trade has on my area either negative or positive these effects will not be as obvious as some places in Quebec where there is farmland and they produce all kinds of crops such as corn and potatoes. So if there is nothing that we export to other countries from Pierrefonds how does trade affect Pierrefonds? Trade effects Pierrefonds drastically through the import Pierrefonds is a very diverse place when you come here you will see multiple types of coulters from Greeks and Italians to Peruvians and Guatemalans. Because Pierrefonds is so diverse the people there consume a lot of food that is not found here in Canada such as Inca Cola or olives. If these items are not found here in Canada we must get them from other country’s such as the Peru for Inca Cola or Italy or Greece for olives. And if we stopped importing food products from other places a lot of business would suffer because we have a lot of specialty food shops. If these businesses would go out of business more people would be unemployed. So we see that trading goods is vital for Pierrefonds even if it is not evident.

The position I took on the discussion question was that Canada should have looser rules about international trading. We must understand that we live in Canada and as we saw in lesson four Canada has a...
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