Trademark Infringement

Topics: Cease and desist, Trademark infringement, Management Pages: 1 (382 words) Published: February 13, 2009
One of the important issues to look at from a managerial standpoint is to ensure that the company is constantly aware of what is occurring in the market with regard to other companies or individuals that may be attempting to infringe or dilute the use of the companies’ trademark. By remaining aware of what is occurring in the markets and keeping aware of those that may be attempting to benefit from the use of similar trademark a manager can alert the legal division of the company early on in order to allow the company to obtain injunctions against those attempting to infringe upon the companies trademark. From a managers perspective trademark infringement is important not only to the company but also directly to the manager as loss of business will affect his sales when individuals buy brands that are similar to your company because they may think that it is affiliated with your company when this is not the truth.

When looking at how the problem of trademark infringement could be avoided when it comes to trademark infringement one can only be vigilant as to who is attempting to infringe on their trademark. Catching the infringement early on is the best way to prevent major loss of revenue and business. When a company catches the infringement early on, cease and desist letters can be sent by legal and the process of litigation can start in the court system thereby cutting down the amount of time that the infringement occurs.

One solution that may be viable for companies would be to set up a small division that is designed expressly for the purpose of limiting the time those those that attempt to infringe upon a trademark. One step in this process would be to ensure that those that are working in this department are properly trained in trademark infringement law and what must be done in order to obtain the proper injunctions to stop those companies wishing to infringe upon a trademark until such time as a court could hear the issues that make up the trademark...
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