Tower of London

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In the early 1080s, William the Conqueror began to build a massive stone tower at the center of his London fortress. Nothing like it had ever been seen before.


The most famous legend is the one about two boys: Richard Duke of York and his brother Edward V.

        According to Tudor historians, Richard, Duke of Gloucester invented a story declaring the boys illegitimate and convinced the Parliament that they can’t become kings. Then he murdered the boys.

• Young skeleton bones found under some stairs in the tower in the 17th century.

Prisoners of the Tower

The History of the Tower of London is both bloody and cruel. The original purpose of the Tower of London was to act as a royal power base in the City of London, overawing and frightening the indigenous population of London and providing a safe retreat for the Royal family in times of civil disorder. The function of the Tower changed over the years and it became a prison housing some very important state prisoners and as a place of trials, execution and torture.

Stories of some of the tower's most famous prisoners

Anne Boleyn, Queen of England(1507- 1536)Execution by Beheading

Anne Boleyn was the second wife of King Henry VIII.

She asked whether she was to be taken to a dungeon but was assured she would be imprisoned in the Royal apartments where she spent her time before her coronation. Death by the axe was a terrifying prospect.

Catherine Howard, Queen of England (1524 – 1542) Execution by Beheading

Catherine Howard was the pretty fifth wife of King Henry VIII and the cousin of Anne Boleyn.

She had an affair with the young and handsome Thomas Culpepper. And was found out. King Henry was devastated. Catherine was arrested at Hampton Court for adultery and tried in vain to reach the King.

She died at the of 18 years.

Royal Beast

For 600 years, wild...
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