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Marketing is the most critical component of all business plans. Marketing is the process of examining the wants and needs of others and then satisfying those needs with products and/or services. A popular slogan that describes marketing is “Find a need and fill it.” This module will cover the basic 4 P’s of marketing, as well as a section on the 8 P’s of Tourism marketing. The establishment and development of new industry require entrepreneurial vision and skills to identify innovative business opportunities and stimulate demand for them. Three factors distinguish tourism from other major industries. The two considered are discretionary nature of tourism purchases and its characteristics as a service industry: together these present special challenges in marketing tourism. The third factor is the impacts of tourism on destination areas and communities.

Marketing consist of 4Ps which are product, Price, Promotion and place. The 4 P’s of marketing still apply to tourism related businesses, but there are other considerations for increasing business/marketing success. Tourism marketing employs the 8 P’s of Tourism Marketing, the original 4 P’s plus four more : People tourism marketing requires people highly trained in customer service, problem solving, and communication skills - What training or capacity building activities are required. Packaging refers to the entire tourism experience planned for place. Programming refers to specific tourism related activities. Partnership is a reality for most tourism specific businesses. Partnerships with airlines, bus companies, tour providers, travel agents, etc. are a key success factor in the tourism industry.

The Target Market not everyone is looking for the same thing in a destination and therefore country cannot meet the needs of everyone. Consider the destination and select a target audience that would be best suited for the destination (type of traveler). Target audiences should be considered based on a variety of attributes such as location of travel, income level, demographics, cultural characteristics, interest and lifestyle. The key to marketing is to convince people they want to travel to a destination identify push and pull factors and use these to promote the destination. Easy way to get attention in the marketplace often combine key factors for the consumer (transportation, accommodation, attractions) this benefits both the traveler and the tourism industry members widens the exposure and consumer base.

Key strategies in marketing a tourism destination are:
Establish and operate a high quality Oman VIC. Undertake a range of destination marketing activities targeting specific markets. Establish, attract and facilitate sporting, recreational, cultural and other major events. Attract major conference and business events. Develop new and enhance existing tourism product and infrastructure. Engage with industry and assist in its development. Undertake research and analysis.

The effective implementation of the strategy will ensure that tourism will contribute to economic growth and development is strategic, focused and delivers real outcomes for the long term benefit of the community. The local tourism industry will be the major focus, and opportunities for development of destination marketing partnerships local tourism organisations will be pursued where specific opportunities exist.

This strategy has been developed giving consideration to:
The competitive tourism marketplace.

National domestic tourism trends and forecasts.

Local data and statistical information.

Existing markets of strength.

The depth and breadth of Oman tourism product

Existing tourism infrastructure and services

Challenges and opportunities facing the tourism industry.

Existing strengths and weakness.

Recent developments in the structure of regional industry.

Relevant State and National tourism strategies....
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