Tourist Spot Importance in Economy

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What subjects are included in the Bachelor of Science in Tourism program?

* Principles of Tourism – It provides information on the components of tourism and sectors of the tourism industry. * Domestic Tourism – It focuses on the tourist attractions and traditional events in the Philippines. * World Tourism with Geography – It covers Philippines geography, history, economy, tourist facts and culture. * Tourism Laws and Regulations – It focuses on the government rules and regulations that affect all tourism- related establishments. * Transportation Management – It covers aspects of transportation and its significance in the industry of tourism. * Tourism Planning and Development – It focuses on the different planning approaches and techniques in developing tourism activities and destinations. * Tourism Research - basic principles, methods, techniques and key processes involved in methods of research * Basic Accounting for Tourism – It includes the basics of accounting and making and preparing financial reports related to tourism industry. * Tourism Industry Practices (practicum) – It requires students to have at least 300 hrs of training in the last semester of their senior year. Students are assigned in different tourism related establishments like resorts, hotels, travel agencies or airline companies. * Tourism Marketing - impart basic concepts to the students of Tourism Marketing with particular focus on tourism products, pricing these products, distribution of tourism products and promotion of tourism * Tour Operations with Tour guiding – It focuses on helping students acquire skills in tour guiding and presenting different tourist spots, geographical and historical significance of places of in the Philippines.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of BS of Tourism in the Philippines?

* Banquet, Restaurant, and Housekeeping Supervisor
* Management trainee
* Events Coordinator
* Travel Consultant...
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