Touching the Void

Topics: Sound, Debut albums, Performance Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Evaluate how well the composers have explored the complexity of Journey in their text. ‘I felt a shattering blow in my knee, felt bones splitting, and screamed.’ This quote states the beginning of the sudden turn of events that occurs on Joe and Simon’s journey. The text identifies and creates a sense of journey through the ambition of the characters, the struggles they had to endure, the unanticipated events that took place, the will to survive and the triumphs accomplished, all of which are prominent in journeys although may represent different obstacles. They are highlighted through the use of camera techniques such as close ups and sound techniques such as the music which all contribute to setting the mood and emphasizing different aspects of the journey. One of the close ups focuses on the ice axe which highlights its significance and identifies the possibility of a metaphorical meaning that relates to the object. The significance of the ice axe suggests that it is one of the few things that are keeping them safe in an extremely dangerous environment and that something that would seem trivial is a life line, which shows how objects, experiences or ‘climbing tools’ that enables you to reach a particular goal in a journey has different significance or meaning for an individual. The close up of the ice axe also expresses the connection Joe and Simon have to the mountain which gives the audience an understanding of the importance that the mountain and what they are doing has to them. Another technique used is the music which plays an important role establishing the mood and acts as guide as to what emotions the audience should be experiencing. When they are climbing the mountain the music builds up generating suspense until they reach the top then the music become elated and heavenly creating a sense of accomplishment. The music explores the different aspects of the journey, the highs, when they achieve their goals and the lows, when they encounter obstacles...
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