Total Soldier Concept

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Total Soldier Concept
The Total Soldier concept is what every soldier should stride to be, it is the the idea of acting as a professional soldier in every way at all times no matter the situation in which you find yourself. It is basing everything you do of the army values and going above and beyond what is asked of you, without being told to do so.

The Total Soldier uses the army Values in both his army career and also when he is not at work recognizing that he is always an ambassador for the army and the military as a whole to the civilian population. He or she is loyal to both there country and there fellow comrades that fight the same fight as they do on a daily bases. They put the mission first before there personal needs knowing that what they are doing is bigger than them and most likely what they see on there level. The "total Soldier" shows loyalty to what he or she believes in and what our army stands for and protects, Freedom. The total soldier recognizes his duty to his country, his chain of command and his mission and will always put his duty before his personal desires. The total soldier respects his chain of command and listens to what they say understanding that they know more than he does and though it may be a pain in the ass to wear our gear all of the time when were out, it is for our safety and our welfare that these rules are emplaced. He or she also has respect for his fellow soldiers and will take into account there suggestions when confronting a problem, because he knows that he doesn't know everything and that to accomplish the mission we need to work as a team. The Total soldier has honor and pride and would rather die than compromise either of these. He knows that if you don't have pride in what you do than it isn't worth doing and without it you can never completely give your all, the total soldier always gives his all. The total soldier has integrity and will always do what he is supposed to even when no one is looking, because...
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