Topic: Sometimes the Social System Has an Adverse Effect on the Happiness of Citizens of a Society Choose 2 Stories a: Describe Social System B: Show How It Affects the Happiness of the Character.

Topics: White people, Race and Ethnicity, Black people Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: November 26, 2011
In real life even in stories the social system has an adverse effect on the citizens in a given society. Two examples of how society affects happiness can be seen in the stories of “Berry” and “Shabine” where the happiness is affected in different ways but the social system is somewhat the same. Firstly in both stories the social system is quite alike, both are simply based on race. The characters Berry and Justine’s admirer are categorized as somewhat ‘good- for nothing’ because they are black. In “Berry”, readers see that Berry is given less pay than the white person who previously held his position as seen on page 161 in A World of Prose “well pay the darkie eight”. Like in “Shabine”, Justine’s mother does not want her to talk to the admirer (who is black). Justine’s mother believes that white man are better than black, even though she herself is black. Evidence of this is seen in the story where readers note that Justine’s mother made her a prostitute to white men and not black. Her mother also feels that the admirer that him leaving ‘Paradise Plums’ is “leaving ideas in Justine’s head and upsetting her life” (page 14). Justine’s mother also believes that white men are of a higher social class. Moreover, each character’s happiness is affected differently. In “Berry”, due to a simple accident which Berry tried to prevent he was happily fired from his job that he was underpaid to do. “Get rid of him- today the stupid nigger!” as seen on page 165 in A World of Prose. It was seen earlier in the story that Berry went hungry for weeks and needed money and food and in the times of racial America (in which this story takes place) it was much harder for a black to gain employment. Whereas in “Shabine” Justine’s admirer is denied the right of being with someone he loved despite being a well educated black man, because of the social ignorance of his community. It is presumed that a black man has nothing and whites have it all, as such the admirer stays away...
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