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Topics: Human, English people, Travel Pages: 2 (306 words) Published: June 11, 2011
Topics for Oral English Test (Book 3)

1. Talk with your partner about your personalities. State the weaknesses and strengths in your characters and suggest some ways to improve them.

2. As a college student, you may notice some problems on campus. Talk with your partner about them: What are you concerned about? Are there any ways to improve the situation?

3. What factors contribute to a job satisfaction? Talk with your partner about them. Number them in order of importance and justify your priority.

4. Nowadays live animals are used in scientific research. Some people think it is very cruel and unnecessary. However others believe that it is justified in the interest of the human beings. Please discuss with your partner on both sides.

5. Do you like travelling? Do you need travel companions or prefer to travel alone? Discuss these with your partner.

6. Discuss with your partner how to log in the English autonomous learning center, and share your English learning strategies.

7. Do you lead a healthy way of life? What’s your practice? Discuss with your partner how to keep fit?

8. Discuss your shopping habits with your partner: Who do you often go shopping with? What do you usually shop for? Do you buy only what you need? Why or why not? Where is your favorite place to shop? Why?

9. Have a talk with your partner comparing your hometown with Wuhan City. If you’re a local, compare Wuhan with other place you’ve been. You may cover following aspects: climate, food, surroundings, transportation, people, etc.

10. A is an interviewer at CNN; B is an interviewee and wants to apply for a job as a journalist. Create a dialogue about applying for a job, which includes the reasons, education background, working experiences, team spirit and chances etc.
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