Topic 8

Topics: Balance sheet, Revenue, Financial statements Pages: 35 (12506 words) Published: March 4, 2013

1.1Structure of the report

The report consists of three main chapters:
Chapter 1 includes the reason for choosing topic 8 and the reasons why I choose “Delphi Automotive” for my research report; the aims and objectives of the report; an explanation of my researching approaches in the analysis of financial and non-financial information.

Chapter 2 contains the information gathering sources and techniques; accounting and business techniques and limitations.

Chapter 3 includes detailed presentation of financial and business analysis by charts, sta-tistic evidence, and business analysis models, with detail comparison of Delphi Automotive against its main competitor Lear Corporation; it also contains the financial and business conclusions as well recommendation.

1.2 Reason for choosing the topic 8: An evaluation of the business and financial per-formance of Delphi Automotive The company I work for Delphi Automotive (NYSE: DLPH) is a listed company. The strate-gy of the going global various challenges in the field of finance, the mostly widely emphasis of the goal of the company is to maximize the value of the company to its owner which is driving force to make the organization successful. Business can be carried on successfully with proper arrangement of funds, to meet long-term commitment, organization needs permanent capital and short-term commitment, working capital is needed as well. Regard-less of whether the business is big or small, business with finance is a wingless bird. Thus, finance is a significant facet of every business. Funds can be procured through various modes, bank and shareholders play the important role in the industrial economy of global organization. Before providing finance to the company, lenders and stockholders will as-sess the ability of business to repay its debt on maturity and capital employed return through the organization of financial statement. Analysis of financial statements helps the banker and shareholders to know the financial position of the business which enable the banker and shareholders to take the better decision. Among the various of tools for evalu-ating the financial statements, ratio analysis is the mostly widely used tool, as it helps us to measure the financial and operational performance of any business. During the ACCA courses, I proudly found that I can use what I have learned from the courses and apply those skills and competences to assess the efficiency of financial performance in my real work. Further, I gradually recognized that I am very interested in the area regarding per-formance analysis of companies. Through such performance analysis, not only can I un-derstand the Annual Reports, adopt the IFRS but also reach my own conclusions based on the performance analysis and business analysis methodically and logically. I am interested in analyzing and comparing financial figures of different companies in different periods and finding factors and trends leading to such changes. My competence, knowledge and skills could be enhanced and extended though my professional studies which will improve my effectiveness as a professional accountant. Therefore, after discussed with my mentor, I believe that topic No.8 is the best one for me.

1.2 The aims and objectives
With being shaped by increasing government regulation for vehicle safety, fuel efficiency and emission control, as well as rapidly increasing consumer demand for connectivity. Delphi has being driven higher growth in products and extended industry mega trends in the automotive industry overall. My study tries to demonstrate how Delphi achieves so great accomplishment during these 3 years? My research will explore the strategies Delphi response to these mega trends and competitive challenges during the economic slowdown period from the global wide, as well as the activities to secure the long-term financial tar-gets and recent business and competitive...
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