Top Ten Characteristics of a Multicultural School Environment

Topics: Education, School, Culture Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: November 23, 2012
Top Ten Characteristics Of A Multicultural School Environment Not all students are the same so they cannot be taught the same way. Their cultures and experiences the way they learn and respond to schooling. Several cultural factors affect the way students behave in a classroom. Each student is different because of physical and mental abilities, gender, ethnicity, race, language, religion, class, sexual orientation, and age (Gollnick and Chin, p.6). Multicultural school has different characteristics. I think the most important is the composition of the faculty, administration, and other staff accurately reflects the pluralistic composition of the United States (Gollnick and Chin, p.7) because this will influence a student’s behavior. The United States has one of the most extensive and diverse educational systems in the world. US population is composed of different races, each with different cultures. I think it would be helpful for a student to study in an environment wherein they value or give respect to different culture. The school environment and the faculty have great impact on student’s development. Because of this, students will be assured that they will not be discriminated. US has a federal legislation for elementary and secondary schools, No Child Left Behind, requires standardized testing of students to determine how effective a school is in helping students to learn (Gollnick and Chin, p.12). A school is an institution where students learn the value of respecting others, if the faculty, staff and school administration lacks this, and then it can be hard for students with different culture to study and interact with others at school. Second is that the school curriculum incorporates the contributions of many cultural groups and integrates multiple perspectives throughout it (Gollnick and Chin, p.7). Some people check on a school’s curriculum before they decide on what school they will go. It is important that the school gives value to the...
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