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Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in the Top 100
Health Service Management
Taylor Dahlberg

Brigham and Woman’s Hospital in the Top 100
The Brigham and Woman’s Hospital started in 1832. In 1980, they merged with three of the most prestigious and well known Boston Harvard teaching hospitals: the Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Boston Hospital for Women, and the Robert Breck Brigham Hospital. Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, or BWH, is very well known for their great staff, the treatment the patients receive, and much more. However, I feel what really puts them about the rest is the innovative services they offer that other hospitals might not have available. What really caught my eye when looking into what they have to offer is their face transplant surgery, the cartilage repair, and the robotic surgery they are able to perform.

The face transplant surgery is a procedure where BWH is able to take the face from a deceased person and transplant the skin to the recipient. BWH refers to this surgery as a life giving procedure because of the potential the operation can offer someone with a severely deformed face to have a better quality of life because of the health and emotional benefits it can provide. They say that the operation can allow the person to breath out of their nose, talk, and with time will even be able to smile. Like with any type of surgery, the recipient needs to be committed to taking the medications necessary to avoid having their immune system reject the new tissue, but as I stated that’s with any transplant surgery.

The other innovative procedure that I felt put BWH above the rest is their Cartilage Repair Center (CRC). The first United States center was founded over a decade ago that was dedicated to the treatment of cartilage damage. They are now internationally recognized as one of the best for their treatment of cartilage damage and early...
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