Toothbrush Lab Report Form

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Freshwater 04: Water Conservation
Toothbrush Lab Report Form
Title: Toothbrush Lab
Objectives: After doing this lab, you should be able to
* explain how small individual changes in water use can have significant cumulative effects * propose specific ideas for water conservation
* convert volume quantities over different time periods and include cost calculations Materials:
* plastic bucket or bowl
* toothbrush
* timer, stopwatch or clock
* measuring cup
Note: Read all the instructions for this lab before you begin working! Pre-reading the procedure will give you a mental picture of what you will be doing and a better understanding of the process. Part 1:

1. Carefully read all procedures. You will complete the lab for yourself and at least two other people. You will then calculate the average amount of water used by these people in two different scenarios. Complete the data table in the Data section of the report. 2. Place the plastic bowl or bucket under a faucet where you will brush your teeth. Be sure the container is able to catch all the water from the faucet without leaking. 3. Brush your teeth at the sink with the water running continuously. (Do not use toothpaste or spit—simply mime your ordinary tooth-brushing routine.) Using a timer, clock, or stopwatch, time the procedure to last exactly one minute. Make sure all of the water from the running faucet is being captured in the bowl or bucket. 4. Pour the container of water into a measuring cup (several times if necessary) to determine the amount of water used. 5. Record the amount of water used in Part 1 in the data table in Data section of the lab report. Be sure to record the units you used for measuring, such as cups or liters. Part 2:

6. You will repeat the same procedure as Part 1, except you will turn on the water only when absolutely necessary. 7. Measure and record...
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