Tooth Fairy Belief

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  • Published : May 24, 2011
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Marleen Diaz
English 28
Ms. Myrtetus
April 3, 2011
Writing Project Two: Final Draft
There have been so many things I have believed in since I was a child but have discovered they were not true as I grew up. Knowing that these beliefs are untrue has helped me form my opinions about life. The greatest myth I have believed in was the Tooth Fairy. However, I am glad I found out it was not real because it taught me that in life you have to work for what you want. I can recall a memory I have of when my first tooth fell out. I was five years old when I started to lose my teeth. I was so afraid to pull out my falling teeth but my mom would tell me that it was not that painful and that if I pulled it out I would see the benefits. Then she began to tell me the story about the Tooth Fairy and how she would leave a dollar under my pillow in exchange for my teeth. Of course I listened to my mom, I did as she said and twisted my tooth until it was really loose and pulled it out. I was so excited to get money so I quickly put my tooth under my pillow and went to sleep anxious to receive money the next morning. To my surprise I found a dollar in quarters the following morning. This made me believe that indeed the tooth fairy was real. Every time I would lose a tooth I wouldn’t be scared to pull it out anymore. In fact, it became an addiction for me because I wanted all my teeth to fall out quickly so I could receive more money. My experience with the Tooth Fairy made me believe that everything in life was free. This belief actually shaped my ideas of the world. For instance, I thought that good things could happen with a little bit of effort. By believing in the Tooth Fairy I thought that anything was possible without having to work hard. My discovery about the Tooth Fairy being untrue changed my life in a positive way. As time progressed and I matured, I realized that it was not the Tooth Fairy that put money under my pillow but instead it was my mom. The way I found...
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