Tools That Monitor Truck Drivers

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Logistics of foreign trade
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Tools that monitor truck drivers

How to Monitor Truck Drivers
Trucks and drivers represent a considerable cost for firms, therefore, a firm should use tools to monitor the behavior of its truck driver to ensure that 1- Drivers are following regulations to minimize risks and cost. 2- Reduces or eliminates fatigue-related injuries and fatalities. 3- Reduces accidents and equipment damage.

A low cost driver drowsy driver monitor, Copilot, is one of such tools mentioned early. The Copilot consists of a digital camera integrated with a low-cost digital signal processor (DSP). The Copilot is a functionally enhanced version of a previous monitor that has been successfully used in a variety of research projects in simulators and in over-the-road vehicles (). The Copilot measures slow eyelid closures as represented by PERCLOS (Percent Eyelid Closure). PERCLOS is defined as the proportion of time that a subject's eyes are closed over a specified period. PERCLOS has been separately validated in two independent laboratories as an accurate predictor of performance degradation in sleep- deprived subjects. The current driver interface is based on recent experimental results that drowsiness feedback can reduce drowsiness and improve driver performance for sleep deprived truck drivers operating a truck simulator.

DSS System
ƒ The DSS system works most of the time for most operators
ƒ Provides “virtual” driving buddy for the operator
ƒCan provide site supervision near real-time notice of potential fatigued operators ƒHighly effective if used with supervisor intervention procedure ƒThe communications plan about the...
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