Too Soon a Woman

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  • Published : January 17, 2012
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Period 2
Mrs. Lowe

When I was 11, my aunt passed away. My older sister and I had to become a kind of mother and father to my baby sisters because my mom and dad were hysterical and a little irrational. We had to prepare meals, change diapers, and make bottles. It was really hard on us and I can relate to the story. In “Too Soon a Woman” Dorothy M. Johnson, Mary becomes a full time mother and has to watch over three kids by herself with no food and not much water. While facing the hunger, she has to look for food. She finds a mushroom that could be poisonous but she eats it anyways to make sure it’s ok for the kids, she shows she is willing to protect them at any cost. Throughout the story Mary shows she is motherly in many ways.

When Mary is introduced in the story, she says “I’d rather go with a family and look after kids…” this shows that she already cares on some level and is willing to be responsible for them. She has the motherly instinct to go and bravely look after a family that she knows nothing about. Being a mother in this time also isn’t something that all teenagers would want to do. You have to be responsible for shelter, food and water; you have to be emotionally mature to take on the responsibility of kids. I mean would you want to be a mother at 18?

Mary also shows how devoted she is by taking charge of the kids and telling them “no”. When she is preparing the mushroom for herself, the two little kids come running to try and get a piece. She has to say no to the starving kids because she knows that it might be poisonous. Think about how hard it must be for her to say no to hungry children, and on top of that making yourself look selfish to them. These kids don’t know Mary, they think she’s being self-centered and not sharing her food with them. They don’t understand how she’s trying to protect them from the potential danger from the mushroom; she’s risking her life by trying that mushroom.

Near the end of the story the 11 year...
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