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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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School is a wonderful place for kids to learn, play, have fun, and stay out of trouble. What about after school, though? How can kids stay out of trouble and have fun? That is why an after school activity program should be put into action. An after school program could allow kids of all ages to make new friends, stay away from drugs, and get them away from the television and experience new things.

Many people think that school sports provide enough after school activities. A lot of kids aren't very athletic and don't have anything to do after school. With an activities program running between 3 and 6 PM, kids not in sports could have three hours of fun and still be able to make it home in time for dinner and homework. The activities could include kickball, darts, relay races, drama, science club, and debates.

Some people might think that it would cost the school and parents too much money to provide these activities, but a fee of fifty cents to a dollar could raise most of the money for the equipment. After all, kickball and relay races don't cost much- just time. Many items and equipment already exist at the school.

Some parents might worry about the gas money and time running their kids around. If the program ended at 5:00, they could ride the late bus home with the sports teams. Some kids could car pool with their friends, too. After school activities are a fun way to spend free time and learn new things. It allows kids to explore their minds without costing them, their parents, or the school a lot of money. There should be an after school activities program.
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