Tom Brennan

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Study Notes – Into the World

Text- The Story of Tom Brennan Related Text- Dead Poet Society

Tom Brennan – “My name is Tom Brennan and this is my story” show that Tom himself is the narrator and it is his point of view. Dead Poet Society- The story is predominantly viewed through the eyes of Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawke), a newcomer to Welton, and his roommate Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard).

Story of Tom Brennan: change in setting acts as a catalyst for a new view on life and new opportunities/ experiences for Tom. Dead Poet: An exclusive private school, Welton Academy in rural Vermont, USA. The year is 1959

Link to ‘Into the World’
In ‘The Story of Tom Brennan’ by J.C Burke, it explores many aspects of ‘Into the Life’ such as: * new experiences
* adapting to change/ adjusting to new situations
* transitions
* attitude, values, beliefs, morals, ethics
* discovering new things
* growth

‘Dead Poet Society’ directed by Peter Weir, also explores aspects of ‘Into the Life’ such as: * self- realisation
* realism versus idealism
* family pressure
* transitions

Story of Tom Brennan

Character | Impressions|
Tom| * young late teen * non- religious * emotionally numb, dead attitude * personal connection with events from past * very family oriented * introvert- keeps to himself| Tom’s mother| * depressed * disconnected from present * blocks everyone out * too absorbed in past (unable to cope) * emotionally changed| Grandma| * faith/ religious * strong personality * forceful * straight forward| Kylie| * not much information * rude * attitude problem| Claire| * Daniel’s ex * Suffers trauma * Blames herself for Daniels mistake| Daniel| * Bad boy image * Alcohol problem * Anger management issues * Sports star * Very emotional * Sensitive about his needs but not to others | Finn| * Blameless *...
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