Tokyo Disneyland: Some Basic Facts

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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Tokyo Disneyland: Some Basic Facts
1. Background

1.1 Tokyo Disneyland opened on 15 April 1983 at a cost of US$1.4 billion. It is located on a reclaimed site about 10 km from downtown Tokyo. Tokyo Disneyland is privately owned by Oriental Land, a land-reclamation company in partnership with Mitsui Real Estate and the Keisei Railway Company. 1.2 Talks between Disney and Oriental Land started in the early 1970’s. Basically, Oriental Land is the owner and licensee; Disney is the designer and licensor. The final contract which was signed in 1979 gave Disney 5 per cent of the gross revenue on all food and merchandise, 10 percent of the gross on admissions, and 10% of any corporate sponsorship agreement, in exchange for a token US$2.5 million investment in the park. In 1980, the construction cost was estimated to be around US$250 million. Disney earned a fee for developing the park, retained complete design control, and retained significant control over park operations through a series of highly detailed operating manuals. 1.3 The partnership plans to build next to the present site a second theme park called Tokyo DisneySea due to open in 2001. Total cost will amount to     US$3 billion.


Basic Facts

Ownership: 100% owned by Oriental Land

Economic and financial arrangements
Investment Oriental Land Not available Return Oriental Land and the Japanese economy 13 600 jobs, of which 19% are full-time Led to development of 60 other theme parks across Japan since 1983 Disney Management fee at 10% of admissions 5% royalties from gross revenues on food and merchandise Disney US$2.5 million

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Operational statistics
1995 Attendance (million) Recurring profits (mln Yen) Total Sales (mln Yen) Recurring Profit/ Total Sales Term Profit (mln Yen) Net Profit/ Total Sales Remark: Fiscal year ends in...
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