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Topics: Human body, Ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (942 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Take a real life situation
Extract a knowledge issue from the real life situation
Analyze the knowledge issue (not the real life situation)
From your own perspective
From other perspectives
Using ideas and concepts from T.O.K
While analyzing other KI’s will be identified and analyzed The product of this reflection will then be applied back to the real life situation The application should also extend beyond the original real life situation to other areas

Why do different people have different perspectives?
Examine and criticize yourself and your perspectives
You are not always right nor are your views the right ones.
Where do you get info from
Tell audience about your sources

Trade of illegal kidney’s Dadi’s idea + illegal cartels

Knowledge issue :
Can we put a price on human body parts
Should we be able to lengthen our lives based on our economic superiority? Need vs. Morals

Real Life Situation:
Vera vs. Walter
Walter a rich German businessman pays a poor Russian maid 10000 dollars for her kidney. The purchasing of illegal organs without adhering to the organ transplant waiting list is illegal in almost all counties with the exception of Iran. However this decision has been discussed and analyzed thoroughly and countries world wide debate over whether the payment for an organ namely a kidney should be legalized.

"It is not a good idea to legalize payment for organ donors as such payment institutionalizes the belief that the wealthy ill have property rights to the body parts of the poor," says Professor A. Vathsala Singapore's health minister Khaw Boon Wan said the city-state should consider legalizing the payment of kidney donors. "We should not reject any idea just because it is radical or controversial," he said. "We may be able to find an acceptable way to allow a meaningful compensation for some living, unrelated kidney donors without...
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