Tok - Legalisation of Drugs

Pages: 2 (540 words) Published: April 23, 2008
Legalisation of Drugs

The discussion on whether or not to legalise drugs is not controversial, as popular thought considers the matter to be ridiculous and that the debate should be focused on how to fight drugs instead. But, could it be that they are the same thing? Have our strict norms gotten in the way of solving this major societal problem? This essay will discuss the matter and it will also touch upon different views (for and against).

Those for legalising drugs often use the argument that controlling the usage will be made easier. Creating a governmental monopoly on the goods will increase prices, causing fewer people to buy it. Norms of society have imposed a form of taboo on the issue of drugs; it is seldom discussed openly, which makes it harder to solve the problem. Speaking of it freely will get the information out to those who need it, and this could prevent many people from wanting to test drugs in the first place. Educating teachers and schools to discuss facts regarding drugs instead of imposing societal norms, would help youngsters to understand why drugs are wrong, and not just learn. What many do not realise is that many drugs do not have worse effects on the human body than alcohol does. Banning these drugs while keeping alcohol legal, would be paradoxical. Drugs like heroin that have negative effects, will be smuggled and illegally sold on the black market anyway. Legalising them will help us to control them and see to it that teenagers do not get their hands on them.

Those against legalisation of drugs tend to claim that the accessibility of the good will increase if it is legalised. The drugs will easily get into the hands of irresponsible teens, on a legal basis. The hospitals and rehabilitation-centres would eventually get overcrowded and it would have a significant effect on the economy. Drugs ruin peoples’ lives and if it gets into the wrong hands, let alone any hands, it may as well lead to death. Furthermore, the issue...
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