Today Many Judge Use House Arrest and Other Electric Monitoring Units. Here We Can Look Into a Few of These.

Topics: Prison, Criminal law, Crime Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: January 28, 2013

Different Forms of House Arrest
Debra Taylor

There are several forms of house arrest; one I am more familiar with would be with an ankle monitor this is used usually with a low level offender. When released the inmate is fitted with the global positing system and this devise will alert the police if and when this individual violates his or her house arrest conditions. Global Positioning System (GPS) technology was officially introduced as an electronic monitoring option within the Department of Corrections in January 2007. Its' current primary target population is specific paroled sex offenders. This device records offender movement throughout the community and reports those movements to a host computer. Department of Corrections staff is able to review maps and track the movement of the parolee throughout the day (Chisholm, 2001-2012). So we have one which can monitor if an offender leaves his or her home which they are ordered by a judge to stay within their boundaries, and then we have another similar devise to which the offender is fitted with but is able to move around the community and live among his or her peers. In addition we also can offer a prisoner if they have at least completed 3 to 6 months of their sentence. Studies show this seems to work if it is done when they are new in the system and before they learn how to survive on the inside or even get involved with the wrong groups. This is also compared to split sentence, these concepts are different but sometimes used interchangeably. But as with all probation shock probation is used as a privilege as some think it’s a right that they deserve it, but they do not it is something that is earned and many of those who do get it abuse it and end up back in jail sometimes again and again never learning a lesson and they keep re offending. In some cases it works for the...
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