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Making $€N$€ of Data Center

Planning Your Data Center…


Do you agree…. 1. Businesses are increasingly dependent on their IT infrastructures to drive mission-critical operations throughout the enterprise. 2. Significant cost savings can be realized through data center consolidation and right-sizing. 3. And every business needs a business continuity plan that includes disaster recovery, backup and remote operations. 4. Continual evolution of infrastructure technology is transforming the modern data center. Advances in network bandwidth are making it possible to store and access mission-critical applications and data remotely.

1. Infrastructure management, including technology deployment, is a huge drain on IT resources. 2. According to Gartner Group, an average of 78% of an IT budget is spent just managing existing systems and software infrastructures. 3. Unfortunately, IT is often resource-constrained and barely able to manage their current environments, much less focus on their company's core competencies.


1. Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) has issued a standard called ANSI/TIA-942-2005: Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers. 2. Most network equipment is replaced in 3 to 5 year cycles, cabling is expected to serve multiple generations of devices over a 10 to 25 year period. 3. Well-designed cabling infrastructure provides the needed flexibility and scalability when reconfiguring or expanding data center services. 16








0 Application Software Years 1.5 LAN 2.5 Workstation 3.5 Mainfram e 5.5 Cabling System 15

End-User Application
7 - Application Layer Consists of application programs that use the network. Standardizes data presentation to the applications that use the network. 5 - Session Layer Manages sessions between applications. 4 - Transport Layer Provides end-to-end error detection and correction. 3 - Network Layer Manages connections across the network for the Upper Layers. 2 - Data Link Layer Provides reliable data delivery across the physical link. 1 - Physical Layer Defines the physical characteristics of the network.

Presentation 6 - Presentation Layer Session Transport Network Data Physical


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IBDN Systems
Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles Shielded or Unshielded? Unshielded Comparison Modular or Punch Down Solutions ? Rack or Wall Mount Solutions ? High Density Racking System Solutions High Density Panel Solutions FiberExpress Solutions


Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles

Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles
Standard finalized date
Category Standard Date Cat 3 Cat 5e Cat 6 Cat 6A Cat 7 1991 July 1999 November 2002 June 2008 February Freq. 16MHz 100MHz 250MHz 500MHz Data Rate 10Mb/s 1Gb/s >1Gb/s 10Gb/s >10Gb/s

2002 September 600MHz


Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles

Never 9% More than 10 years 8%

Right now 7%

“When will your Network require 10-Gigabit Ethernet?”

Next 5 to 10 years 33%

Next 5 years 43%

Question was not specific to Backbone or To-the-Desk.

Source: (04/03)

Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles
Ethernet has become the most commonly used LAN technology worldwide. Today, more than 85% of LANs are Ethernet based according to International Data Corporation (IDC, 2000).

Source : Intel


Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles
Cabling Evolution
Proprietary Standards 568-A

Category 6 / 6A LO 50 MM Fiber


Thin Coax

Category 3

IBM Type 1


Category 5
62.5 MM Fiber

Category 5e
62.5 & 50 MM Fiber

1985 1990 1995 2000 2005

Which Category ? – Cabling Lifecycles
Future IEEE development
IEEE 10Gb/s 40Gb/s 100Gb/s Year 2006 Est. 2010 Est. 2010 Copper Distance 100m 10m 10m Fiber Distance...
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