To What Extent Was a Nationalist Victory in the Spanish Civil War Inevitable?

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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To what extent was a Nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war inevitable? The Spanish civil war broke out in 1936 due to many factors. The Nationalist were likely to win the war due to Franco, as he was able to resolve the tension among the factions on the Nationalist side and also they he the support of the ruling elites, such as the Church. On the other hand Franco did not become a clear leader until later on the war as the Republicans captured Madrid and the Army of Africa were stranded In Morocco. The Nationalist also failed due to many other factors. At the start of the war it did not become clear that the Nationalist victory in the Spanish civil war was inevitable.

A Nationalist victory in the Spanish Civil war could have be said to have seemed inevitable at the start of the war due to the support and the organisation. On the Nationalist side, Franco led the Spain’s most elite army, the army of Africa. This was a great start for the Nationalist to come closer to winning the war due to the fact that he fought many wars before which led him to gain military skills and many different tactics and he carried his duties impeccably due to his past experiences in war. Even though Franco lacked vision and dynamism. During his time fighting in different battles he gained much respect from the Nationalist and others. Franco dealt ruthlessly with his opposition and established a firmly controlled corporative state. Which he used to his great advantage. Also Franco successfully was able to acquire from abroad, this had a good impact on the Nationalist as they had elite leaders who had great access to weaponry. Franco was also a shrewd politician. He used to this to great advantage especially when Primo de Rivera was executed by the Republicans. He was able to merge the Carlist party and The Falage in one single movement. This had a great start to come closer in winning the war due to the fact that they had a strong coalition major contributing factor to the...
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