To What Extent Is the Media Playing a Destructive Role in Society Today?

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  • Published : August 24, 2012
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GP Media
To what extent is the media playing a destructive role in society today? The media is ever so prominent in our society today. Inexorably intertwined with our lives in the form of quotidian newspapers, television, social networks and more, it is the medium through which we receive knowledge on world happenings and gain insights and ideas regarding various topics. Hence the media is not just an indispensable element of the modern world in gaining information but greatly influences what and how we think. A popular form of media comes in the form of entertainment, probably the form of media most of us subject our own self to the most. We share this intimate relationship with the media which therefore allows it to exert a powerful control over us, in both positive and negative ways. Today, some have begun to view the media as a menace to society and I agree with this statement to a large extent. The media contributes to the thwarting our self-esteem and perception of beauty and success. The media is rampant with beautiful and attractive celebrities, and this probably leads to the beauty equals to success ideology. Hence, people may become superficial and adopt the philosophy of style matters over substance focus more on their appearance than their character. Hence, many may even adopt extreme measures to attain such beauty, such as extreme dieting, which may lead to eating disorders. Studies have also shown that 87% of sufferers agreed that the media has redefined what they perceive as beauty to be slim and hence wish to be slim by acquiring such unhealthy eating habits. With eating disorders, their health and work productivity will be jeopardised. Thus, the media has diminished their self-esteem, sold them as slaves to the ideals of beauty and trapped them in a Pandora’s Box of eating disorders, denying them the rightful of joy of appreciating one’s own body. The media recognises scant boundary when it comes to sexual references and content, arousing...
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