To What Extent Do Nuclear Weapons Pose a Threat to World Safety

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Lists of nuclear disasters and radioactive incidents, Nuclear proliferation Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: October 16, 2012
To what extent do nuclear weapons pose a threat to world safety Nuclear power is a milestone to the whole human civilization and it has brought large wealth to us, while it also brings arguments on nuclear weapons. Many people claim that nuclear weapons could be destructive to the whole civilization and if nuclear war break out, no creature will survive, however, some other experts point that people can control these weapons and they can hardly be utilized. It seems that nuclear weapons pose a little threat to world security if government can completely control them. This essay will elucidate this point from three components, which are terrorism attacks, environmental effects and policies.

By using new technology, terrorism attacks become more dangerous than the traditional ones. Since the World Trade Center was attacked, much dangerous attacks has happened and people has worried that terrorists would use nuclear weapons. However, people can defend themselves against those people who have extreme thoughts, such as guarding possible places that terrorism attacks might happen. The most important is to remove enmity between different racial peoples and reduce the number of terrorism new members. In this situation, terrorism nuclear attacks cannot influence world safety too much.

Governments should be responsible to protect their people from terrorism attacks, and governments should also be responsible to the nuclear weapon pollution. Since the United States exploded its first atomic in 1945 in Japan, human have been studying its influence on environment. In a short time, the blast wave could destroy the whole ecosystem around the place where nuclear weapons bomb. In long term, radioactive fallout may need over years to fall to the ground and climate change could make it is impossible for any life.

It appears nuclear weapons mean destruction to the whole world, but government can solve these problems by new policies. The easiest thing that government can do...
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